- Jandy felix

Parent of 18 South teens

"My name is Jandy Felix and for the past several years my children have attended 18 South Youth Center. Having a big family we don't have much money to be able to do extra activities outside of school. 18 South Youth has provided an outlet for my children to attend outside of school. They give them a chance to socialize with peers, get a snack and sometimes a meal, and the volunteers there do activities with them. They have even provided gloves and some clothes for them. 
This past year we faced a tragedy with the loss of my oldest child. Again, 18 South staff was there to help my family. They held a fundraiser to help with funeral costs, volunteered their time and resources to help us through this difficult time. They were there to help my children and other teens who knew my son to deal with this loss and their grieving. 18 South Youth is truly a blessing to have in our community and our family is grateful to have them in our lives."

- Aaron

Volunteer at 18 South

"God is awesome! The leaders were great in sharing their stories, the Holy Spirit moved this week. My life and the teens lives were forever changed."

- 18 south teen

"Something that meant a lot to me was when the volunteers shared their life stories. It means a lot because they care enough aboutus to show they were in similar situations. Also when Chris shared a "Psalm" to us."

- 18 south teen

"Connecting and gaining friends doing activities that make us all come together, it really felt like a big family all weekend long. It was great doing new things in such a positive environment."

"I love these kids even more! The Spirit was really at work! Loved it!"

- Marilyn

Volunteer at 18 South

- 18 South Teen


"One thing that meant a lot to me on the retreat was being able to get to spend time with my friends and get to know who they really are and form better bonds as family. I think my most favorite part of the was when we spent some alone time in our cabins and shared what we were feeling inside. I also has a great time with all the activities including the kickball game, thanks Max."

"Being able to talk to some of the youth leaders, ask for help, and not be afraid."

- 18 South teen